Friday 23 May 2014

Local menace

Apparently we don't all share delight in our local deer population, there was a request a while ago from the local allotment holders for a deer cull as the animals had been breaking down the fence and eating the vegetables.

Since I don't put in the effort to cultivate and grow veggies perhaps it's not right for me to comment, but I find it a constant source of delight to have these creatures on our doorstep, the picture above was taken through our kitchen window.

I surprised this youngster on my morning run, I'd paused in the wooden bridge near Bunny Meadows to take in the view and spotted movement over by one of the houses.


  1. I can understand allottment owners viewpoints but like you we have them in the garden and breakfast always feels more special when they are about


  2. We have deer in our yard morning, noon, and night. We all love them and never get tired of seeing them. They eat the seeds right out of our birdfeeder.

  3. I remember Bill Oddie (I think) being asked how to keep crows out of a garden as the owners only wanted the smaller birds. The reply was that if you invite nature into your garden you don't get to choose which bits.

  4. A deer cull would mean some fresh meat to go with the fresh vegetables.


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