Friday 16 May 2014

Birdham Boats

A few interesting boats down in Birdham pool marina.

This nice little motor boat looks perfect for pottering around Chichester harbour or along the coast and while classic in style, it looks like it could be rather more modern in construction.

A lovely pocket cruiser, not much more to say, lovely proportions, simple, delightful.

Classic English yacht from the late 1950's or 60's, I keep getting designer's wrong so I won't hazard a guess but a very nice, well kept example.

Ashore 1934  BERMUDIAN CUTTER designed by Dr. Thomas Harrison Butler and built by Harry Feltham of Portsmouth


  1. I think the pretty sailing cruiser with a step in the topsides is a Fred Parker design. It's a feature he used quite frequently, and the boat seems to have his stamp.

  2. I would love to be there with you to see these boats... so classic and well kept. Thanks...
    ThinWater Annie


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