Wednesday 11 December 2013

Swanwick Hard

There's a public dinghy park down at Swanwick Hard, unusually the local authority haven't got around to charging for dinghy storage, perhaps there is a local precedent which prevents them trying to charge us for what is after all a public facility  the hard is recorded back in pre Saxon history. That said most of the dinghies are left chained and unattended and as consequence aren't in the best condition.

Of course with anything uncontrolled and reliant on good will it's sadly inevitable that someone will take advantage as below. There is a requirement to periodically remove all dinghies so that the area can be spruced up, lets hope it's soon.

In an effort to improve security this substantial anchor was installed a few years ago to enable dinghies to be securely chained so they don't float away on the high spring tides.

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