Tuesday 3 December 2013

Birdham Pool Turntable

The marina down at Birdham Pool on Chichester harbour has an interesting marine railway systems complete with turntable. The turntable allows boats to be moved to various "sidings" in the yard which radiate outwards or there are tracks which allow travel into the boat sheds.

At the other end the railway connects to the slipway for launch and recovery. Given the investment in concrete and steel the systems must date back to times when the cranes and travel lifts with which we are so familiar were not available. It's a lovely piece of industrial heritage.


  1. The Spanish proverb says something like "Hanger sharpens the wit"...Yes, lovely heritage, and even more lovely the fact that they keep it functional nowadays, as it seems.

    Pablo de Castro

  2. do they still use the old system? or have they switched to just using the cranes?


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