Wednesday 27 November 2013

Red Foxed

The Red Fox is a quirky but no less interesting boat which has two asymmetrical lee boards or perhaps they could be described as dagger boards since they are raised vertically through slots in the deck.

Apparently the performance is very good using a NACRA or similar foil shape, the other advantage is minimal intrusion  into the cabin compared to a more conventional centre boat, although raising and lowering the boats through a tack might become something of a chore.

Shallow draft, great interior space, there's even a separate head compartment which is incredible for a 20 footer.

It's one of those boats that makes such good sense but somehow it's never been the right time or the right boat at the time. There's been a few things like that in life, the house you'd love but the time wasn't right to move. When they first came out I really wanted an Alpha Romero GTV, but when I was in a position to buy one there were better cars around. In similar way the red fox has passed me by.

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