Wednesday 20 November 2013

Maggie May

It was one of those trivial but odd co incidents, while cycling around Chichester harbour we'd spotted an unusual gaff yawl. On the way home we stopped off at the marina cafe and saw an add for a second hand anchor and rang the seller. between his holiday and other things it was a few of weeks before I went over to the marina to pick up the anchor, and what should be on the next pontoon but that same yawl.

Seen in close up her name is Maggie May, so a bit of google research reveals she's owned by Yachting World's retired editor Andrew Bray. Designed by Steve Dalzell and built by Farrow and Chambers. She is a 26 foot centreboard gaff yawl, with wooden hull and spars and very nice she is too, with a slight American classic look to her.

I guess if I read the yachting magazines I would have known about her, but I gave them up years ago, features like "the top ten boat hooks on test" have a limited appeal for me.


  1. Ditto on the yachting magazines. The only ones I read now are hand-me-downs and even with that I usually glance through. It is a rare article which I sit down to read all the way through. Must have something do with age and, as you say, boredom at the repetition or the articles.

  2. Gentlemen, you are both too modest. The reason you don't read yachting magazines is, you already know more than they offer.

  3. Michael thank you for that endorsement, I was in JFK yesterday with time to kill and had a look at two of the more popular US magazines - i was astounded how little content there was and how thin the mag's were, maybe the advertisers are staying away as well


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