Wednesday 4 September 2013

Unintended Consequences

On holiday I noticed that the entertainment system had the complete Star Wars collection, we thought it might be something Joseph would like to watch. A couple of months later we have a Darth Vader outfit, two light sabres around the house and almost every conversation starts with "when I'm a Jedi".

It seems that we're not the only people with an imaginative and slightly obsessive four year old.

It hardly seems like 36 years since we were enthralled by the original Star Wars, it was a great summer in 1977, the Queen's Silver Jubilee, the Sex pistols played God Save the Queen. We queued for the late night showing at Leicseter Square, it was amazing until the end. As Luke and Han go up to receive their medals a voice from the back shouted "I'll bet Jim fixed it for them".


  1. Hmmm. Summer of 1977. What was I doing?

    Well my wife gave birth to our first child in Feb 1978 so I guess that's some kind of clue. I think we spent a rainy week in a tent in North Wales at the critical time. What else was there to do?

  2. I queued to get in to see Star Wars
    I was 15
    I saw it four times in a row
    I was an obsessive geek
    Sadly nothing has changed

    Arwens meanderings


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