Saturday 7 September 2013

Local skiffs

Friend and local boat builder Greg sent me a text about my posts on Primrose “ looks like an identical boat to shamrock, built either by Dyers or the Phoenix Boat Company(who were opposite Dyers yard)” Apparently Greg owned Shamrock which seems to be a sister boat that had spent most of its life at Newman's yard in Wimbourne in Dorset.

Greg donated the remains to the town museum, where it used to hang in the tea room, although he doesn't reveal why she wasn't salvageable. Sounds like a winter day out in Dorset might be in prospect to see if she's still there.

He also mentions that St Denny’s Rowing Club (see fellow blogger Graham's  Port’na’storm for more details) had or have a couple of similar boats.

Greg pointed out the grown, timber riggers and the distinctive Southampton row locks.


  1. St Deny's still have one skiff just like primrose. come over to and have a look.

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  3. At last we know... and apparently one could row one if one were lucky.


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