Friday 16 November 2012

Classic launch

No idea what she is or how old but I spotted this launch at the end of the pontoon in East Cowes.

She has a separate cockpit, I guess it would be described as landau style,harking back to the days when the coxswain could pilot the boat while the family enjoy the saloon and the rear cockpit away from the paid hand.

Imagine those elegant lines sweeping up the Solent, jazz music playing from a wind up gramophone, champaign on ice and strawberries and cream.


  1. The frames seem to be spaced no further apart than the width of my hand, or is that an optical illusion? Very nice find...

    I see no means of covering the cockpit in case of rain. Isn't that odd for Cowes?

  2. Looks like one of the Camper & Nicholson J class tenders. The forward cockpit is for the helmsman - aka "staff". Did you get the name?

    Another one for sale here:

    Restoration of one here:

  3. Michael - look about 4" t0 5" spacing and quite thin frames

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