Thursday 11 October 2012

Bus Stop

It was a year ago that we found a new breakfast cafe, in fact it's been there for ages but only opens weekdays and Saturday mornings. Having taken a Friday off work we were passing on our way to Netley.

The breakfast was great and we bumped into a sailing couple we last saw after a very nasty, night crossing of Lyme Bay some years ago, during which they lost their fore stay.

Seems like time just runs away with itself these day.


  1. C'mon Max!
    Let us into the secret, where is the Bus Stop?

    It reminds me of the old coach transport caf's that used to line the Ringwood Road before the Local Authority got all precious and the world was taken over by Maccy D's and Little Chef's.
    Oops there I go again.

  2. Graham, Hamble Lane, turn right at the roundabout to Netley, the cafe is just on the right at the entrance to a small industrial estate.

    maybe we should start a local version of this

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