Thursday, 13 September 2012


With a perfect September weekend in prospect we took Matilda Emily over to Cowes, sadly the sailing on  Saturday wasn't up to much with very little wind, but it was nice to be away from home and experience the sea side atmosphere in Cowes.

The esplanade in East Cowes offers fantastic views of the Solent and the cruise ships which were heading out from Southampton as they sweep south of the Bramble Bank and close inshore. There's also a really good park, in which young children can play happily while dad gazes out at the passing boats and shipping.

With the summer moving into autumn the heat of the day was lost quickly as we made our way back to the marina and the boat. The Medina river entrance and opposite the Royal Yacht Squadron were starting to be cast in shadows and the sea took on that lovely twilight steely grey blue.

Finally casting a vivid spotlight in the still twilight.

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