Monday 2 January 2012

Classic Motorboat

I don't know much about this boat or her history other than having admired her on the river. If we ever give up sailing this is the type of boat I'd like to have, seaworthy, with a comfortable wheelhouse she could be used all year round, especially so if she was fitted with a roaring stove below decks.

Continuing a theme from an earlier post it could also be an ideal weekend retreat, great views form the wheelhouse saloon. Since a wooden boat is better left in the water, it could be in use all year round with just a couple of weeks ashore for a paint and a scrub.

Some one has obviously taken great care and pride in this boat, with details like the varnished dinghy arranged on davits with contrasting white paint below the waterline to match the main hull colours.

1 comment:

  1. There's a similar boat in our marina that a couple lives aboard.

    Sometimes I think the only way to keep up with the maintenance on such a boat IS to live aboard.

    Best in the new year.


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