Saturday, 8 October 2011


Rowing down river for breakfast we spotted an interesting wooden boat among the moorings, so on our way back we took a detour to take a closer look. Our timing was idea as the owners were aboard taking advantage of the fine weather and making ready for a sail.

Gratitude is a Sacffie, built in 1997 by Ardslgnish Boats to the lines of the original 1896 Portknockie Gratitude. Construction is larch on oak with silver fir hollow mast, solid yard, Douglas fir bowsprit, heavy-built. Copper nailed and roved, bronze fastenings at the stem, galvanised keel-bolts. Rig is a standing lug with Duradon sails (James Lawrence), total area 265 sq. ft.

Gratitude is new to the river having been launched just a couple of days before, her new owners Kevin and Maureen, have sailed larger boats for many years but have bought Gratitude to enjoy the simplicity and uncomplicated day sailing of the creeks and harbours of the Solent. They have certainly chosen a delightful boat she looks fast and purposeful with that sweeping sheer and long bowsprit. I'm looking forward to seeing her out sailing.

Kevin also has a a real connection with wooden boats, carving and creating art from recycled wood including some delightful wooden yachts - see his web site for details.

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