Wednesday 2 June 2010

Robert Tucker Designs

David and Dianne Fincham read my post about Post War Classics and very kindly sent me photographs of their Robert Tucker Debutante Mk I which they sail in the Fal estuary in Cornwall.

David writes

" I think ours was built in 1960 and since then has spent a lot of that time in Cornwall, she has had a complete overhaul and is in excellent condition, her sail/build No is 24,named "Debeneau" is 21ft long with a 7ft beam, She is easy to sail and provides lots of below deck room with comfortable bunks with ample storage. we sail mostly in the Carrick Roads, local rivers and creeks, being a bilge keeler draws only 27ins and 300 lbs of cast iron centre ballast keeps her nice and solid when she takes the ground.

One of these delightful Débutantes, apart from being the first small vessel to hold a "JOG" certificate, holds quite a few WORLD RECORDS, achieved by Triston Jones on his boat called Sea Dart, his adventures aboard her are documented in his book 'The Incredible Voyage'"

She is certainly in nice shape, but if you have read this blog you will know I have a thing about yellow boats, plus she is ideal for sailing those delightful waters.

David also has another project boat a Tucker Silhouette.

He comments "A couple of photos included of our Silhouette project, this little yacht is also a classic although ours is a Fiberglass Mk11, The wooden Mk11 is what the moulds were taken off, at 17ft 3ins in length and 6ft 9ins beam this little classic bilge keeler is sheer enjoyment, she will go anywhere and has done many North Sea and Baltic trips as well as Atlantic voyages."

Thanks to David and Dianne for taking the trouble to share this with us.


  1. Max, so nice to see a Debutante, they are seemingly very rare. I'm a big fan of Tucker boats, as you know, and this is one of his most special, thanks!


  2. i have a mk2 Silhouette for sail for £3.000.00
    if aney one is intrested
    vew my blog

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  4. Do you know where I could find the building plans for the Debutante Sea Dart?!Jeff Ruddy or Facebook

  5. Does anyone know where i can find pictures of the Robert Tucker Mk1 Ballerina i own one of which I'm repairing/restoring i would like to see pupictur of other mk1 Robert Tucker ballerina as i won't to restore in the proper fashion So if anyone can help me with finding photos of other mk1 ballerina sailing boats/yacht's it would be grately appreciated

  6. I also own a Ballerina Mk2 which I have been restoring for a couple of years now, hope to have it in the water next year, but said that last year as well! I have collected all available images that I can find off the net and have taken many of my own boat. Would love to compare notes with a fellow Ballerina owner


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