Thursday 17 June 2010

Greta’s Gone

Here’s Greta as I left her at the yard last week, Her mizzen mast, boom, gaff and bowsprit had all be taken down. She was waiting on the crane, ready to have her mast taken down and then be loaded onto a truck and driven off to her new home on the east coast.

I’d put her up for sale thinking that it might take a while to find a new owner, but she sold within 2 weeks.

Our problem is what next?

While speculating on what type of boat to buy, we struck up a conversation with a couple in the yard, they had just sold their delightful gaffer Curlew.

and bought a First 210 as a replacement.

It’s a very appealing idea, a simple, fast and easy to sail sports boat, which can also be trailed long distances at motorway speeds to a holiday destination.

It's got me thinking – watch this space.


  1. Wow that was rather sudden or had you been mulling this over for some time? You had better get afloat soon or else Joe will never acquire any sea-legs.

  2. We still have most of the "fleet" intact, he was sailing last Sunday in the yellow peril "Tosh"

  3. Would have hated to have thought that he is a landlubber.

  4. What about buying Gypsy Moth? You said in a previous post that she is for sail.


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