Monday 17 June 2024

View from the bridge

Not in fact a ship's bridge but the road bridge connecting Woolston to Southampton over the river Itchen.

 Having lived in the area for so long I'd passed by and underneath on both sides of the river but never actually gone over the bridge.

Having dropped Joseph off for a Scout activity and with both time to spare and having arranged to meet Mrs BB on the Woolston side for coffee I took the opportunity to walk across and admire the views.

 The surrounding area is very built up and upriver is quite industrial and also home to Southampton FC ground  (first two pics).

 Downstream on the Southampton side is the Ocean Village marina dwelling complex and in the distance the cruise ships docked alongside. Towards the end of the Itchen where it meets Southampton Water the car transporters load and unload

And here's the bridge 870 yards long and 92 feet at it's highest point, completed in 1977 pretty much over the site where the old Itchen Ferry floating bridge used to run from 1836 until 1977.

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