Monday 22 April 2024


 For a variety of reasons we've been visiting the historic city of Winchester, often to walk the water meadows south of the city along the Itchen Navigation path, climbing St. Catherine’s Hill site of a hill fort and past Hospital of St. Cross established as an almshouse in medieval times, all of which are but a short stroll from the old city center.

The city itself is no less interesting having. once been the seat of government in pre-Norman England. Many of those historical roots can still be seen in the old center, below statue of William of Wykeham, Bishop of Winchester, 1367-1404 in the high street.

From more recent history probably 19th century, but don't be a nuisance in Hammond's passage, the little round nose and lips with. J.Ace is interesting, perhaps an insurance token> J.Ace is repeated on the main sign.

The high street formerly supported cobblers and boot makers, these day's there are more high end fashion shoes, cafe's and restaurants.

The old covered parade of shops

 There are lots of small passages and alleys linking the streets or opening out into a different space.

Not sure if this is a Parliament clock or just a commercial public timepiece.

Winchester also has it's own version of Banksy - Hendog who's artwork can be seen around the town

 Winchester has many famous attractions, the cathedral, Jane Austin's House, Winchester School, and as a result lots of cafes, bars and restaurants which make it a good place to visit, but there's huge amount to find just wandering slowly about and seeing what's around the next corner


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