Friday 8 March 2024

Glide Boat

Had an interesting chat with the owner of this Glide Boat down on the slipway at Swanwick. From a distance I thought it was a LiteBoat which is a similar French bot built I believe with carbon fiber

By contracts Glide Boats are made of roto-moulded plastic, like many kayaks and sailing dinghies. It's robust and strong and while heavier than carbon at 22Kg the Glide Solo is not exactly heavy and should slip along very nicely.

Detail at the stern is a drop down, or flip up skeg, which gives good directional stability.

 The other benefit arising from the construction is cost, the owner kindly shared that we paid well under £2,000 for the whole set up including oars and trolley, pretty good way to start the new year's fitness regime and looks like a lot of fun.

If you wanted to try one, Rowing Adventures over at Lymington do try out sessions.

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