Monday 19 February 2024

Sinking feeling

Further to the local yacht sinking, the boat in question was exposed enough to be bailed out during the LW springs (I believe by the Pink Ferry guys),

and then subsequently re-floated and put back on her mooring.

Apparently sunk due to rainwater after being abandoned or at least severely neglected on her mooring, she looks like a Hurley 22, one of which I seem to recall made an Atlantic crossing some years back.

Above looks like another potential sinking candidate, already sitting very oddly bows down like that probably only a matter of time and a few days of heavy rain before she goes submarine.

The problems of abandoned boats locally appears to be getting worse. With ever rising costs of moorings, running costs and maintenance, while the capital values are virtually nil, owners are walking away leaving the mooring operators and port authorities to pick up the removal and disposal.


  1. Had a longish chat with the new Emsworth harbour master last summer and he agrees.. he said an even bigger problem though is people paying for the mooringyear after year but still not maintaining the boat

  2. There’s a similar end of life problem in Sydney Harbour. Partly because the shortage of moorings leads to people keeping unused boats to retain rights to the mooring (known as “mooring minders”), but perhaps mainly because the owner has delusions of using the boat again.
    One sunken boat has been a hazard to navigation for months because it’s not worth the cost of raising it.


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