Monday 11 December 2023

One for the petrol heads

Apparently this is a exoskeleton car, it wears the tubular chassis on the outside, sort of like a motorbike. The result is a very light, very rigid car which minimises unsprung weight all of which is great for handling and power to weight ratio.

Fortunately the owner was standing nearby and more than happy to chat about his creation, which has getting on for 1000 HP at the wheels, he did tell me what engine but I've forgotten, but definitely not something you can put you foot down hard without a great deal of caution.

As I recall the chassis came form a kit manufacturer but a lot of the detail is custom made.

The sun was very bright so I couldn't get a decent picture which does justice to the enormous air intakes for the inter-cooler and turbos.

 The owner takes it to lots of events and even shopping trips during the summer so you might see it out on the road, but probably only from behind.

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  1. Hi , I just found your blog ,just saying , that front end looks vaguely Aston Martin.


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