Friday 17 November 2023

Classics out on the water

Some interesting classics seen out in the Solent recently.

Don't know what this is perhaps 8meter, it had a support rib just out of shot or could have been a photographer or both, by the time they got the sails up we were sadly too far away to take a photo.

Presume this gaffer was racing in the Sunday Bursledon Regatta off the Meon shore.

 I've featured this classic motorboat before,  nice to see her out on the water.

Nice no nonsense sloop, typical of the 50's and 60's, I really like the raised cabin roof aft, Mrs BB would say it's my kind of boat.

 Open gaff rigged day boat/racer, according to the sail number UANDI,  a Belfast Lough class 2, another Fife design. LOA 24', built in 1897.

 By the time we got close enough for a picture, this classic had sails down and was motoring toward the Hamble entrance, perhaps another Fife?

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