Monday 13 February 2023

Etier du Moulin

In the depths of winter, it's nice to recall those summer days.

The Etier du Moulin is a channel which separates Noirmoutier-en-i'lle from the rest of the island/peninsular. Running east from the bridge in the centre of town, the drying channel is a haven for small classic boats. On the southern bank away from the town are several traditional boat builders

For someone like me it was day boat heaven wandering around and having a good look at everything while Joseph and Mrs BB spend an hour of so in the nearby shops.

Wooden day boat, wooden cruiser, wooden motorboat (probably) and a really cute wooden tender.

Shore side workshops probably haven't changed much in the last 70 or even 100 years.

 Moorings over on the town side (opposite) are a bit more upmarket

Quintessential France, bar, boat and bicycle, could do with someone carrying a baguette but close enough.


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