Monday 9 January 2023

Wandering around

Some interesting boats, a couple with unusual rigs seen in Emsworth yacht harbour on a fine and settled winter's day

Ocean Pearl originally a motor zulu/fifie fishing from Peterhead in Scotland until the 1960's, restored and rigged as a lugger  by local boat builder Nick Gates who's workshop is just a few yards away.

 Looks to be a steel offshore cruiser, which might be an Alan Pape design? Junk rigged with the signature free standing masts. I'm not a big fan of whale back decks, but they do keep the water off, and that cockpit with solid dodger looks like a good place to be when it's rough.

Nothing unusual about the rig on this Cheoy Lee 36, we had the opportunity to go on board one on the way to the Caribbean, solid built, good design lovely boats but a bummer having to pay full marina rates for that bowsprit.

I'm guessing the accommodation is about the same as those Japanese cabin hotels, but goes to windward rather better.

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  1. I like the offshore cruising boat. The domed deck gives cabin headroom, improved support for the unstayed masts and clear space to stow a good size dinghy. The topside stripe gives an elegant look to the high slabby hull sides. The feature I don't like is the hard dodger which looks like an afterthought. I would rather have a folding canvas hood - but then I don't have to sail it through a storm!


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