Monday 14 November 2022


Noirmoutier is an interesting place, it's a narrow, low lying spit probably no wider than 1Km which sticks out some 8Km into the Atlantic

 Above view to the west from La Guérinière  looking out into the Atlantic. Below on the eastern side looking into the bay of the Cote de Jade and mainland France.

Access to the island is across a new bridge or you can brave the causeway when the tide is out as below, not a place you'd want to break down.

There are three large villages and miles of beaches which were almost deserted when we were ther in late August.

Really good slipways, presumably built to support the local oyster farms, but equally good for recreational boating with acres of free parking.

 Fantastic place on the settled days we were there, probably very different with a winter gale blowing off the Atlantic, but no less spectacular.

 Noirmoutier was a great discovery for us, we'll be back.

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  1. That was the destination of my first ever French camping holiday... Townsend Thoresen from Southampton, possibly Viking III, I remember driving into a big hangar where the whole camping set was provided on a roof rack you attached yourself.. going to guess 1970'ish... lovely place...


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