Friday 17 December 2021

Forest Ferrari

Meridien Modena is a bit of a tourist hot spot at the bottom of Lyndhurst high street looking at the array of exotic cars on display. We pass so often that we don't normally pay much notice, but this caught my attention on the way to our favorite cafe.

Not all of the premises are as luxurious as the showrooms, but these old photos are interesting especially the one of Peter Sellers with what is probably a 246 Dino and to my mind one of the nicest Ferrari ever.

As usual they have quite a few to choose from, so if Santa is going to be generous this year it might be worth a visit.

At the time of writing the open roadster was no longer on display, so maybe someone has already bought it. 

C'est la vie and anyway how would I have fitted a roof rack for the kayak?


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