Monday, 26 July 2021

V for Varnish?

What a fantastic boat, the photo doesn't do justice to the varnished topsides which were positively glowing in the evening sun and reflected ripples off the water.


Details - Sunmaid V is a Sparkman and Stephens One Ton Cup design. Built in 1967 of mahogany by the Clare Lallow yard of Cowes.

LOA 36′-11″, LWL 26′-8″, beam 10′-2″, draft 6′-3″, and sail area 530 sq ft.


  1. It is totally outrageous that you have only posted ONE! beautiful photograph of this gorgeous yacht! I think imposing this sort of suffering on us boat fanatics is simply just not cricket - come on Max don't be so stingy.

  2. It’s great to see Sunmaid V back on the Hamble. I first saw her at Port Hamble when she was new and I have always thought she was the best looking boat of her era. Owen Parker who later bossed Ted Heath’s racing crews, was the racing skipper for the owner, a Mr Bowler or Bowles whose daughter was my pal Charlie’s girlfriend at the time. Anyway, I said a few complimentary things about the boat to Parker and asked politely if I could have a look around on board. I was firmly and impolitely told to get lost!

    Last I heard Sunmaid was in a rather dilapidated state somewhere up in the northeast. Someone with very good taste and plenty of money has obviously put a lot of effort into restoring her. I hope she’ll be around and looking beautiful for another 50 years.

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