Friday, 18 June 2021

Fowey - half term

 After what was probably some of the worst weather during May for may years, things brightened up in time for half term and our long awaited family holiday to Fowey.

With almost a full week of uninterrupted sunshine in an idyllic location, it was a well needed and refreshing break.

 It's been 2 years since we last visited Fowey, the town is bouncing back from what must have been a hard 15 months, most of the shops and cafes were open, a few like Pink Murphy's which presumably wasn't viable with distancing due to little interior space and no outside space were still closed. The sailing club was open only to members and visiting yachtsmen. But the open air tables for dining and drinking in Market Street were great, hopefully something that will continue.

Being a bank holiday weekend we were treated to a bumper program of racing both the Fowey River class above and the Tory's passing by our balcony. I may have taken one or two photos to be posted once I've got some time to sort them all out.


  1. Fowey is a great place for a half-term visit!

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