Monday 22 March 2021

Bursledon Air B&B

 Actually that should probably be Water B&B. So if you fancy a weekend away come the great post lock-down opening up, this bijou floating cabin just upstream from Bursledon bridge might be just the thing.


Well situated within a few short steps to the Little Canton restaurant or if you want to stay in and cook Bradley's Fishmongers. Plus the  Boathouse Cafe, Alexanda's restaurant, the Navigator, the Old Ship and of course not forgetting the Jolly Sailor there's no need to go hungry.s

There are three local country parks nearby, plus the river path (my daily stroll), Hamble and Warsash villages (more pubs and cafes). 

A get away well worth looking forward to, but for now most of our visitors to the area look like this.

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