Friday 30 October 2020

Classics in Lymington

A case of little and large, I probably should know what this fantastic yacht moored at Berthon's is but will use the excuse of the cover. Whatever she is simply fantastic and wonderful that there are people with enough money to own and maintain her, can you imagine how much effort and varnish alone goes into a boat like this every year.


Somewhat more modest but lovely classic lines none the less, I may be biased but I had a yacht with a blue mast and thought it looked really cool.

Classic elegance and varnished topsides from the pen or Mr Westmacott, lovely example of an XOD.


  1. There has to some simple explanation as to why the boat in the first photo seems to have TWO bowsprits?

  2. Alden, good spot, I presume they have rigged the spinnaker pole or similar spar to support that cover.


  3. The large classic in your photo is Mariquita, a 125 ft Fife. She has a truly enormous spread of sail and there are some great action photos of her on line. Brian

  4. The small classic looks like a Piper OD, the glass version by Cornish Crabber.

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