Friday 19 April 2019


We decided on a school holiday day out to Brighton, which is just over an hour's drive along the coast but for some reason I've only ever visited on business and never to the tourist areas.

Brighton is perhaps the quintessential English seaside town, the day was fine but the sea mist hung around for most of the morning.

The attractions of the east pier beckoned and a couple of quids worth of copper coins rolled down those old moving slot machines, the ones that that potentially push the money over the edge, but never do. Of course a trip to the pier wouldn't be complete without a visit to the haunted hotel.

Looking slightly more haunted the remains of the west pier in the morning mist.

Gradually the day brightened up, we did all the usual tourist sights, the Pavillion and the old cobbled streets called the lanes, where we found a terrific Italian place for lunch, but the lure of the promenade and some especially tasty ice cream drew us back to the sea.

Great place for a day out.

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  1. A long long (long) time ago a much younger Steve the Wargamer had a girlfriend who went to Sussex Uni, and I have loved Brighton ever since... it's still a regular visit for the Jolly Boys as we like the Evening Star, and Prince Albert pubs..


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