Monday 11 February 2019


There's been a bit of discussion about camera's recently following Alden's post on the perfect camera. Most of my pics are taken on a Lumix TZ8 with 16x optical zoom(up to 22 x with electronic zoom). I also have a Fuji XP80 underwater camera, which is great for wet environments, but I find the 5x zoom a bit restrictive. Both are pocket sized and easy to carry around all the time.

Among us boat bloggers Capt JP has some pretty serious kit, while Steve keeps Sparrow's log illustrated with his phone.

Alden had commented that the Lumix had pretty good capability in marginal or high contract light. While I out running I thought I'd give my phone a go and see how it coped.

Above maybe there just wasn't the dramatic contrast that I was expecting, but certainly the watery sun behind the clouds seemed more yellow and interesting in real life.

The sky had cleared by the time I got back and overall I think the picture detail and colour is pretty good across the dark sea grass in the foreground and the blue sky.

Maybe I'd use the phone more if I didn't find the whole Apple, Macbook airdrop, preview such a faf, compared to Android/Windows.

Of course it could just be the photographer isn't up to much. And to prove a point here's a classic poor shot taken almost into the setting sun, camera shake and poor focus, but having said all that the iphone did a pretty good job.


  1. I am led to understand that the camera lenses in modern smart phones are of a very high quality and take pretty good photos - as evidenced by your great shots in what are pretty challenging light conditions.

    A friend of mine who takes his amateur photography seriously tells me that the first thing that is required is a camera of reasonable quality, the rest is in the hands of the photographer in terms of composition, camera settings etc. It seems that very expensive kit doesn't guarantee great pictures and an ordinary camera can take great shots.

    The problem I have with smart phones are first I don't own one (yes, I know, Luddite) and second, I would worry about flying salt water.

  2. Alden, to your last point - one of the reasons I like the Fuji, it's tiny, very rugged and waterproof.I'f I'm anywhere on the water it's what I take, the phone and Lumix ar either left safely at home or in a proper waterproof box


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