Wednesday 21 February 2018


Our local authority has erected this ugly and presumably expensive fence around the WW2 Bofors anti aircraft gun emplacement on the foreshore of Southampton water by Hamble Point.

The notice explains that the emplacement has become dangerous, although made of reinforced concrete and having survived 70 odd years since the war I would like to understand why remedial repairs were not made rather that put up this hideous fence which denies access to what is an important local landmark from the war years.

Interestingly only a few yards away the footpath is badly eroded and even falling down in places, yet the council for whatever reason don't appear to consider this a danger, or maybe it will suit them to close the path for several months as they did for the path along the Hamble.

I feel doubly aggrieved that the council should waste a significant amount of our taxes on what is an ugly and unnecessary eyesore while at the same time demonstrating inconsistency over safety and access to the common.

As a PS they need to update the information board to say it can now only be seen by peering through an ugly fence.

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