Tuesday 14 November 2017

Quick trip west

We had a quick and impromptu trip west to take Mrs BB to the Knit Fest in Totnes recently, so after dropping mum off at the event Joseph and I went down to Dartmouth for a look around and some lunch.

There were three traditional sailing vessels alongside the town quay, pretty much the perfect setting.

Down in the backstreets this gallery has a giraffe poking it's head out of the window, not sure what the rational behind it is but it made us stop and look so as publicity goes it clearly worked.

Cafe culture has really come to Dartmouth with an alfresco establishment just about on every corner. This one is an example of one of the more traditional cafes, where years ago my friend Stuart and I were left while our respective sailing wives went shopping or it might have been to get away from us pair of salty old sea dogs after an especially rough holiday "beat" down to the west country against the prevailing winds.

Although tourist retailing has taken over the town it's nice to see this shop keeping up the strong maritime tradition, selling the latest in essential sailing wear.

Dartmouth castle a familiar landmark at what is one of the most spectacular harbour entrances.


  1. Max, thank you for the nice post. Essential sailing wear targeting crew morale?

  2. Essential sailing wear for the Carribean Vlogger maybe, certainly not Devon or even Cornwall.

  3. Yes black has taken over from yellow as the color of choice in gear. These look to also do a good job transporting sweat away from the skin. I don't think these particular items are designed to be worn for a long time though.

  4. Love Dartmouth - did you get in to the Cherub for some lemonade and crisps? :o)

  5. Tweezer not sure they are suitable for dinghy sailing
    Steve - sadly not I haven't been to the Cherub for years, pasty from the old bakery


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