Monday, 24 July 2017


 CAPREOLUS is a Bermudan yawl of carvel construction, mahogany on oak, built by R A Newman & Sons of Hamworthy, Poole to a design that was apparently inspired by the famous Sparkman and Stephens yacht FINESTERRE.

Between 1966 and 1976 she  wore the white ensign in the ownership of  one Major D V Bonsor who was a member of the Royal Yacht Squadron. Subsequent owners made considerable efforts to bring her back to a good condition but she was allowed to fall into neglect.

Fortunately her current owner undertook a restoration which completed in June 2011 when Capreolus was relaunched  after a two and a half year restoration taking 3,500 man hours.


  1. A beautiful boat. Bless the owners for taking care of her.

  2. Given the masts size difference is say a yawl rather than a ketch? The rug especially the mainmast seems powerful indeed

  3. Lorenzo - yes indeed she is a yawl

  4. If you take a look at the 1960 Yachting World Annual (produced by the Yachting World Magazine) .... on page 118 you will find "A Finisterre Development". The boat is, apart from a few inches overall pretty much exactly the same as the world famous triple Bermuda race winner Charlton Mitchells 'Finisterre'. I like these type of boats very much - heafty cruising boats with shoal draft - great!!

    It would be interesting to know whether 'Capreolus'is an exact copy of 'Finisterre' or whether she is the 'Development' model. Apparently the key to the success of this type of hull is fine waterlines, flat buttock lines, full quarters and very good stability.
    Did I mention I really like this type of boat??

  5. Thanks for the nice comments, Capreolus is mine. She is indeed the yacht mentioned in Yachting Monthly


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