Friday 21 April 2017

Low water stroll

We took a stroll along the shore from Hill Head to Lee on Solent at low water recently on a fine but slightly chilly day in early spring.

It's interesting to see how the landscape is revealed at low water, the sculptural effects of the tide and currents, the wild life, undisturbed far away at the water's edge.

Sarsen Stones (Tertiary Quartzite) littering on the shingle beach below the tide marks , apparently carried down and deposited during the ice age.

Details of some more recent structures reaching out into the Solent and which require a warning marker at high water.

Despite the pressures of development all around, this little stretch of the Solent remains quiet and connected to nature.


  1. In the second photo all those little huts along the foreshore look very much like the beach house George Clarke renovated on his TV programme "Amazing Spaces". I wish I had one to use when I come to the UK (I would store the English equivalent of a Zephyr yacht in it.

  2. Alden at 11 feet LOA you'd probably struggle to fit one in. Fortunately the Hillhead SC dinghy park is just next door.

    Further west, you can rent beach hut's by the day or week down at Studland Bay, drop me an email if you want details, dinghy park there as well.



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