Friday 17 March 2017

More Mo boats

My recent post about my friend's motorboat prompted quite a few comments and while I confess that motorboats aren't really my thing and I've been annoyed by excess wash on more than a few occasions, I'm maybe more tolerant than fellow blogger and film maker Dylan Winter, so how about some of these for excess down in Port Vell Barcelona

I can't decide if this is hi tech boating or high security based on the latest stealth destroyers the Royal Navy have been building

Like them or not, there are more than a few of these monster boats lining the quay of what was once the old commercial dock.

Dilbar - the big daddy of them all was clearly too long for a stern to berth, either that or the lorry's wouldn't have been able to deliver.

Thankfully among all the excess there is still room for more modest boating.

And not too far away from the super yachts were a few of my kind of boats.


  1. Call it paranoia or? it seems these huge machines target small boats on the water. A few times, I've been nearly swamped. Too close for comfort. Are they coming by for a closer look at that cute little boat? Are they under auto pilot, with no one at the helm? All I know is, if I hear one coming over the horizon, my heart rate goes way up.

  2. Hard to call those giant things a boat. A floating house on the water?
    I prefer the quiet sail.

  3. I don't mind the gin palaces, makes it easy to spot the fellows with ego issues and todger troubles. They don't always wear their superman Tshirts on walkabout Hehehe _ Vince


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