Monday 13 February 2017

South Bank

In case you haven't heard the Lego Batman Movie has hit the screens. Down along the South Bank en route to a meeting I passed the promo being filmed on a freezing cold and dark morning so snapped a picture for Joseph (he's not the child in the picture).

Having got my phone camera out I decided in the spirit of mindfulness, to capture a few more pics rather than rushing past on way to my meeting just along by the Tate Modern.

Looking back towards the Batman event and the location for a number of film and TV scenes, this public area is under threat from the proposed garden bridge - so if you'd like to preserve this beautiful part of London please sign the petition - the arguments against the bridge are well articulated.

Above an old wharf, the OXO tower and the London skyline shrouded in mist.

 An old and now almost derelict, low water, stone quay with steps leading up to the OXO building, there's probably some interesting history to discover.

The old pillars between Blackfriars road and railway bridges formed part of the original railway bridge, built at this point across the Thames in 1864, when the London Chatham Dover Railway was extended across the Thames to what was then St Paul's Station.

The railway bridge designed by Joseph Cubitt was a very ornate design, but was only four tracks wide, so just 20 years later, the second railway bridge was built to increase capacity.

Above landmarks of the new London skyline the Toaster and the Cheese-grater lost in the mist with the famous (infamous) bouncy bridge crossing the river.

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  1. that's a pretty neat promo - I've always loved Batman, and the LEGO movie has done a great job with his character.


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