Tuesday 26 July 2016

Marine design

Now beauty being in the eye of the beholder and all that, but when fellow blogger Joe - Horse's Mouth commented recently about some of the horrors being imposed on marine craft in the name of design I kind of agree with him, or at least I agree that  I don't understand some of the stylistic design being applied to modern yachts and especially to motor boats.

No doubt those more in touch with current design thinking will say that a new breed of designers are pushing the boundaries to find a new marine form and aesthetic, which is all very well but is it attractive and does it function?

 It's only my opinion but this on the other had was designed by folks who really understand boats


  1. It seems to be a particularly edgy style at the moment with motorboats and superyacht tenders. Look at the Wally range of tenders and motorboats... it seems they've set a stylistic goal of aping the F117 Stealth Fighter, all straight edges and panels. Now all the other manufacturers are joining suit, with a dash of old school commercial boat and steampunk thrown in the mix too.

  2. Boat designers, for some reason I don't understand, aren't under the same restraints automotive designers have, to work within efficient design. I'm not saying modern automotive design has any better aesthetic than the appalling creations on the water, just that many boats today are extremely inefficient as well as unappealing.
    Marketing is pretty effective when they can sell something truly ugly. Expensive to boot - at times, I believe money has replaced aesthetic.

  3. I think what designs are looking for is what's called "presence". Take for instance the latest Rolls Royces. I don't think you could call them pretty cars but they do have presence. They make a statement to the effect of "I don't care about efficiency, I just want it to look expensive.." :-)

  4. Good points Mark, you have to think from a structural perspective flat panels don't make much sense, fashion over function

  5. When changes in accepted / expected styles happen they are best made by experts who are both original designers with an artistic flair. I am thinking here of Laurent Giles who was able to design beautiful yachts with 'reverse sheer'.

    That said, I agree that far too many contemporary designs are simply ugly.


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