Tuesday 23 February 2016

Nore Rithe Broad Reach

It's likely that someone with better local knowledge will pull me up on this. Sunday's brisk winds saw a few windsurfers heading out, down the channel from the end of Beach Road in Emsworth.

I think the channel is called Nore Rithe, it was definitely a reach and looked a whole lot of fun.


  1. Not sure it has a name but if it doesn't that's as good a name as any... my cycle to work is along that path that runs from Emsworth Mill Pond to Nore Farm Woods, and I can confirm it's a fairly popular spot for windsurfers... I never sailed from there,but I can see why they do.. in a SW'ly they have a nice flat piece of water as the mud banks opposite will provide a bit of a breakwater...

  2. Thanks Steve, I found the name on an old drawing of the harbour. That's a great commute, sure beats the 6.30 to Waterloo.

  3. It is also marked Nore Rythe on Google Earth so it's still current as a name.
    On Sunday it was so breezy we skulked in the shelter of the Ship...

  4. Chris - so we know where to go when the Greenhouse Cafe is closed


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