Sunday, 27 April 2014

The season has started

We'd been lulled into believing that summer had arrived early with the recent spell of fine and sunny weather, but inevitably come the time to go sailing it was cold and slightly wet.

Joseph was first up with the cadets, actually the weather wasn't that bad, light winds and quite warm despite the grey skies, we'd just been used to better. We  set up a bunch of Opti's and then the cadets were towed off to nearby a creek by Hamble Common to practice.

Later the following week Erica joined the WOW's and MOB's (Women on the Water, Men on Boats) on a very blustery, cold Tuesday evening . Joseph and I were on hand to rig the boats and generally help out, or was that get in the way?

Despite the weather there was a good turn out with a couple of Lasers, 3 Picos and a Firefly. Erica, joined the crew on one of the clubs new RS Visions which looks a lot of fun.

The two girls in the Firefly apparently had a great sail, so I'm being pressed to do duty with Erica in one of those next time, going to need a baby sitter!


  1. I see the skipper is looking back to guage the competition. Good tactic.

  2. Joseph is far too adorable!

  3. Thanks Bonnie I have to say he is, clearly he takes after his mum


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