Friday, 8 March 2019


Santa brought Mrs BB a paddle board for Christmas, currently still in it's case given the weather we've had over the last several weeks (we saw 50 knot winds at the weekend, definitely not paddle board weather).

Hopefully it'll be nice enough to get it out in the next few weeks, roll on summer and the ideal conditions as above.


  1. We have a strong group who paddle here on the Hatea river - fun, but for me not as much fun as sailing (although it IS a good way to get fit and be on the water at the same time.

  2. Alden I agree, sailing is favorite with me, but I also like to row and kayak, and pretty much any way to get out on the water.

    One plus point for inflatable paddle board is transport-ability and ease of access to the water which is an issue in UK.


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