Tuesday 11 May 2010

Rhodes Sloop

Doryman kindly dropped by with a comment on the 8 Metre Classic to say how similar she was to his own Phil Rhodes racing sloop Caper.

Sadly we don't have many Rhodes designed yachts over here, but there is one on the river. She's been up for sale for a while (over a year if I recall) and is currently without a mast, which hopefully was stored for winter.

She's a pretty sloop, not quite is the same league as Doryman's one design racer, but a good sea boat.

Sadly what puts people off these classic older designs is lack of space below, certainly compared to a modern boat.


  1. Max,
    The Rhodes 33 is an open boat (the cockpit drains into the bilge) and thus is not a cruiser. Someone would have to be intrepid indeed to take one across an open ocean.
    I think the boat you show is an Evergreen, which is a very similar boat to the 33, but I know very little about them. They are often referred to interchangeably.

  2. My boat is a 1972 Bristol, and it has very little beam compared to todays 30 footers. Still pretty though.

  3. My last paragraph about space was a comment not a criticism, I really like these old classics, they way they look and sail - my regret is selling the Van de Stadt Legend 34 we had, I should have ripped out some of the interior and made more space, but at the time like so many others I was caught up in the bigger boat paradime!!

    I must be one of the few UK subscribers to your "Goold Old Boat" magazine!


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