Wednesday 19 May 2010

Good day for Gaffers

As well as watching the rowing, Saturday was a great day for checking out the passing boats as they went downstream past Hamble quay, many of which were local gaffers.

The first is one of our most famous local boats Jollie Brise, the Le Harve pilot cutter.

As well as clashing with the football FA cup, the Hamble River RAID shared the weekend with the Three Creeks Race, which this year was being organised by the OGA - Old Gaffers Association.

I don't know if any of these boats were racing, this one is relatively new to the river.

A Memory class, these are built locally, sailing with a couple of well positioned seagulls to give the picture a really salty feel.

And one of my favourite boats, Rula based on a Norske 35, I really should have bought her when she was for sale a few years ago!!

I know this isn't a gaffer, but she's very pretty, one of the local XoD fleet.

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