Sunday, 31 August 2014

Bursledon Regatta - Roll up for the Circus

Bursledon pool was crowded with boats dressed overall for the annual regatta, the theme this year was Circus

Center stage was the big top complete with high were cyclist.

And away from the main event plenty of dinghy sideshows.

During the afternoon there was even some competitive racing at times.

Until the grand finale which featured the human cannonball ably assisted by the troop of Cirque de Bursledon, interesting that the strongman is standing by while the ringmaster took charge of sculling.

Local Bursledon daredevil, did actually get fired from the cannon, sadly the photographer was drinking his beer and missed the shot.

The bursledonblog nomination for the best dinghy which just goes to demonstrate the capability of the famous Tinker Tramp dinghy.


I've written before about dinghy neglect, beware the squatters might move in.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Folk Boat Friday No 14

This week's Folk Boat comes from the Pacific North West courtesy of fellow blogger Doryman.

Lorraine sails out of Port Townsend and is cared for by renowned sail maker and voyager Carol Hasse.

Despite having sailed some 45,000 miles in just about every type of boat Carol has owned Lorraine since 1979 which speaks volumes for a boat designed over 70 years ago.

Volumes is not a word one would normally associate in the context of Folk Boats perhaps, but the interior of Lorraine looks homely, safe and very practical.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Living the high life

We had stopped off in a Luberon wood as Joseph had convinced us that he was up for doing the French equivalent of "Go Ape" which is a sort of high wire adventure playground on a course strung around the tall pines.

Despite his confident pose we parents were mightily relieved by the safety harness and the training briefing.

Getting to grips with the clip on, clip off routine on the lower levels took come concentration at first.

But pretty soon he was up onto the high levels with barely a thought about anxious parents down below.

And finally maybe just a little too confident.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Summer Visitors

We were away on holiday for Cowes week, but there are still a few interesting boats around.

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Solent Conundrum

Fellow blogger and co author of 1001 Boats, Patrick sent me details of an intriguing painting by Keith Trask, a well known local marine artist and yacht portrait specialist.

In Patrick's own words,

"I have sat and looked at this painting hundreds of times, trying to figure out exactly what is going on in it.
Is it evening or morning?
Is that the Queen Mary approaching Calshot and about to turn into Southampton Water? 
What are the crew of the yacht doing? 
Are they stowing the main or getting ready to hoist it? 
Why are they under spinnaker alone.
Is that a Commadore’s burgee at the masthead or a racing flag? 
If they were racing but have now stopped, where was the finish line? 
Why didn’t they drop the spinnaker there? 
Have they just come out of the Hamble or are they further up Southampton Water – perhaps off Netley? 

Maybe they are trying out a new spinnaker. It looks like the Herbulot pattern that was briefly popular in the late 50s or early 60s. I think this design with the holes in it was then banned by the RORC so that dates the scene, as does the absence of the Coastguard tower at Calshot."

Although I haven't had the chance to sail over there recently I agree that the location appears to be Southampton water near Netley. If so the sun seems to be in the south west or west which puts the time as late afternoon or evening.

As to the other questions we welcome imaginative or factual replies from BB readership.

Friday, 22 August 2014

Folk boat Friday Exception

What with this being number 13 in the Folk boat Friday, the old superstition about Friday 13th and sailors having a strong superstitious tradition here's Little Otter and she might not actually a Folk Boat but has some strong parallels full keel, rudder mounted on a full transom.

As all too often no one was aboard so I don't know what she is, most likely built in the early 1960's and looking good for her age.