Monday, 12 April 2021

Up the creek

I haven't been up to the Chandlery barge at Foukes boatyard for over 20 years, despite it being just down the road. But on a quiet Sunday morning Mrs BB amd I walked along the river path up to Manor Farm country park (another first).

Leaving the boatyard past a quirky residence, location, location, location.

At the top of Ho Moor Creek things can get a little sticky.

Further upriver from this raised vantage point gives a good view of the old mud berths where working boats would be laid up safely away from winter storms. It was a practice still in use after WW2.

The remains of an old  riverside building in the firm grip of a a substantial tree.

Another creek up coming off the main river on the Botley side, it only runs for about 200 yards until it becomes a small stream.

 Great name for a small dinghy

Friday, 9 April 2021

Swanee River

Actually the well known song was about the Suwannee River that runs down through south Georgia into Florida, that kind of detail didn't bother this local group of swans - which google says could be collectively either a wedge, a bevy, a bank, a whiteness, an eyrar or even a gargle.

I'd perhaps propose a smartness of swans, as I imagine this group have found that there's good eating to be had especially with the two close by cafes doing take away a source of leftovers and more and more folk out in the better weather.


Monday, 5 April 2021

Signs of Spring

Early March at St Mary the Virgin church  in the parish of Hound with daffodils coming into full bloom as they probably have for the past 1000 years.

The church was attached to Netley Abbey which was founded around 1239 but the church predates that. It's a always a  wonder  and a privilege to be so close to history.

Friday, 2 April 2021

Hill Head Shallows

The tide goes out a long way at Hill Head, or that's to say even at high water it's still pretty shallow.

We went for a stroll without checking tide times and arrived just about at low water.

I'm sure there has been a few wet feet over the years, but walking out on the uncovered sand spits is just too tempting.

My favorite beach hut, what a great place to spend the afternoon or early evening.

Monday, 29 March 2021


An Andrew Oughtred designed Guillemot dinghy passed me on my first row of the season, looking absolutely splendid despite the grey overcast weather.


 It's a lively design which apparently can be built in LOA from  11'6" up to 12'3", I'd be inclined to go for the larger size. 

There's a nice article about a build at the Lyme Regis Boat building Academy in back issue of Small Boats Magazine.

Friday, 26 March 2021

New Forest coming to life

With the warm and early spring weather, the New Forest is starting to come to life after what seems a far too long winter.

The churchyard in Minstead blooming with crocus in the sunshine.

Down in the deeper forest the oaks and beaches still bare but catkins, buds and other signs of spring to be seen.

Forest streams have settled down after the heavy rains of a few weeks ago.


All in all a great tonic for the soul having having been shut indoors for far too long.

Monday, 22 March 2021

Bursledon Air B&B

 Actually that should probably be Water B&B. So if you fancy a weekend away come the great post lock-down opening up, this bijou floating cabin just upstream from Bursledon bridge might be just the thing.


Well situated within a few short steps to the Little Canton restaurant or if you want to stay in and cook Bradley's Fishmongers. Plus the  Boathouse Cafe, Alexanda's restaurant, the Navigator, the Old Ship and of course not forgetting the Jolly Sailor there's no need to go hungry.s

There are three local country parks nearby, plus the river path (my daily stroll), Hamble and Warsash villages (more pubs and cafes). 

A get away well worth looking forward to, but for now most of our visitors to the area look like this.