Monday, 20 August 2018

Yacht Tender

I've been thinking about yacht tenders recently, not that we need one with a couple of inflatables tucked away in the garage and the 8 foot D4 pram dinghy that I built nearly 20 years ago still in fine shape stored under a cover.

I know you can sail an inflatable but not sure why you would. Years age I bought a Tinker Tramp rig and fitted it to our D4 pram dinghy "Poppy", even sitting on the floor which was the only possible position and resulted in a very wet bum, it was horribly uncomfortable and no fun to sail.

On balance either of the 2.5M meter inflatables work pretty well with our 3.3HP and fold away for storage, if we were going cruising again I think a lightweight, 12 feet hard dinghy that can row, motor or possibly sail is about optimal and depending on deck space a nesting dinghy could be the way to go. Nice example here from Chris Morejohn

Friday, 17 August 2018

Mountains and Boats

Despite the altitude where we were staying, with the sea so close it was inevitable that I'd take the opportunity to peruse some local boats.

Down in the Vieux Port in Marseilles there were more than a few of these traditional fishing craft some still working and some clearly restored and used as pleasure craft.

The harbour authorities have made lots of moorings available for small craft, there were probably 100's of boats between 18 and 25 feet. Nice to see that the area isn't taken over exclusively by super yachts and super paying owners. If there is an observant reader you might notice and recognise the little black hull with the white mast set forward as a Nigel Irens designed Romilly.

This was a really cute adaptation of a traditional local boat.

Sunday, 12 August 2018

In the mountains again

I've said before that the best place for sailors away from the sea is in the mountains, even better if those mountains are close to the sea.

This summer finds us in the Massif de la Sainte Baume the low mountains to the east of Marseilles which rise to about 1100 meters and plunge into the Mediterranean between Cassis , Le Ciotat and Toulon, forming the famous Calanques, sort of fjords with sunshine.

The view here, from what I think is called the Barre du Pin de Simon or it might have been Roque Forcade, the navigations apps on our phones had long given up along the D2, a wild and winding road between Gemenos and Plan d'Aupes Sainte Baume.

Above the view from the Grotto of Sainte Baume where the monks established a chapel in a large cave in a vertical cliff face high above the surrounding woods and still hold Mass. According to the religious chronology the site was visited by Mary Magdalen in AD47, today it remains a place of tranquility and spirituality.

Friday, 10 August 2018

School Projects

The school always sets "family project homework" at the end of school year, as if we parents don't have enough to do. This year it was make a model of the Titanic which the children have been studying.

Joseph and I came up with an animated diorama, the waves move back and forth and the iceberg wobbles menacingly towards the Titanic, which then sinks.

All in all I though it was pretty good.

Monday, 6 August 2018

Fowey River Class

Th Fowey River class dinghy is based on a 15 foot knockabout dinghy, plans were published in Yachting World to a design by Reg Freeman and gradually a fleet was established in Fowey during the 1950s.

Interest in the design during the 1990's  led to the building of new boats by local boatbuilders including Marcus Lewis who has launched the newest boats numbers 63 and 64 to the fleet.

Don't know. the history behind the colourful sails but they look so good especially lit by the late afternoon sun during the summer evening races.

Friday, 3 August 2018

Dukes of Hamble

Someone has a sense of humour.

Imagine Uncle Jessie, Beau, Luke and Daisy being chased around the Solent by Boss Hogg.