Saturday 15 May 2010

Hamble River RAID 2010

The annual Hamble River RAID took place on Saturday, sadly the early sunshine gave way to some grey skies as the fleet gathered for the 12.00 start.

The fleet was mostly made up of Bursledon gigs, a locally adopted traditional rowing boat, they were drawn up on the foreshore by Hamble town quay.

The RAID is a fund raising event in support of the local Sea Scouts, many of whom were on hand to marshall the boats and run the refreshment tent.

This Scandinavian style double-ender had been launched after 3 years ashore, taking a lot of water through the seams which hadn't had the opportunity to "take up", the crew spent almost as much effort bailing as they did rowing.

The established "Le Manns" style start has the crews running down the beach from the start. Here the team from the newly formed Hamble River Rowing run down to their gig, the starts are staggered by two minutes to allow each crew to get away.

Chris Partridge and his crew from the Langstone Cutters approach their boat,

But then they appeared to stall, for an impromptu discussion about getting in and where they are going to sit.

Before getting away at a good pace. They received the Methuselah Trophy for the crew with the highest combined age - there is of course no truth that Chris was their "secret weapon"

We were very fortunate to have inspirational yachtsman Geoff Holt to start the racing and present the prizes, seen here with organiser Andy Cunningham

After rowing the course, which took them up river to the Jolly Sailor, the crews had to contend with a heavy rain shower at the finish. Here three gigs and an Egret sprint across river on the last leg.
Local gig "Mistress", crewed by the Hand family.

John Dyte heads for the beach and the finish in an Egret dinghy to win the prize for the first non gig.

Another well turned out boat, the all women crew getting ready to leap ashore for the finish.


  1. Lovely pictures Max. It was huge fun and we are looking forward to doing the Hamble again soon.
    It was indeed my massive contribution to our combined ages that gained us the Methusalah trophy!
    And I was really impressed with young Nick Hands' ability as a cox. He steered us expertly.

  2. well where did you finish Max; or does modestry prevail?

  3. I had a grat time coxing and I am looking forward to rowing with them in Langstone.

  4. Barry,

    I would have been in class with the sinking Scandinavian skiff and John’s Egret, both hopelessly outclassed by Gato Negro :O) therefore I graciously withdrew my entry to give them a fair chance, instead concentrated my efforts on maximising the profitability of the beer tent!

  5. Looks like a fun time regardless of the weather.


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