Wednesday 26 May 2010


This delightful day boat is based in a small creek on the river, but was in the yard over winter. I managed to speak to the owner, sadly details were very scarce.

She was built in Devon, as a one off based on the lines of a traditional boat, sadly the owner didn't know either the builder nor the design on which she was based.

I can't decide if that lovely varnished foredeck looks good in spite of the rain or all the better because of it.
Her name is Adelaide, apologies for the poor quality photos, it was difficult getting a good angle, hopefully she will be out sailing in the summer for some better shots.


  1. She has a lot of character.

  2. Bonnie - comments from a kayaker is praise indeed

    Matt - is that Adeliade or Bonnie?

    Thanks both :O)

  3. Well, when I shoot photos I have the same problem with this king of ships.... the angle... and with the big ships the zoom.

    Specially because I haven't my own ship.... :-)


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