Thursday 13 May 2010

The Great Fogo Island Punt Race

With the Hamble River Raid in prospect this Saturday, when a fleet of Bursledon Gigs and other assorted craft race up river to the Jolly sailor and back, I thought this offshore rowing race might be of interest.

Fogo Island and Change Island, stand off the Newfoundland coast in Canada. For the Third succesive year, as part of their annual regatta, the islanders will be holding "The Great Fogo Island Punt Race to There and Back" on July 27th.

The Fogo Island punt is a traditional working boat, rowed by two men, it's not dissimilar to our own Bursledon Gig.

The race covers some 10 miles from Brimstone Head on Fogo, across the open sea to the town on Change Island and then back to Fogo


  1. I love that video. Isn't the Fogo Island accent extraordinary? A lot of Irish in there, I think.
    See you at the Hamble River Raid!

  2. I was also gonna say! Seems like Irish and even almost American accents intertwined in there. Cool story nonetheless.


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