Friday 23 April 2010

Westerman Sold

I thought it was a bit odd when local pilot cutter Westerman turned up on the hard at a local marina. She was built for yachting journalist Tom Cunliffe and has been up for sale over winter.

I bumped into Tom's daughter at the Hamble River Rowing day and she confirmed that Westerman had been sold the previous weekend.

Designed by Nigel Irens as a modern day interpretation of the Bristol pilot cutter, Westerman was the first in a series built by Covey Island Boatworks, Nova Scotia in 1997. Since then Tom has sailed her far and wide, as well as being a regular race winner with the Solent Old Gaffers of which Tom is area president.


  1. Max: Over and over again the great images of wooden sailboats. Are there no plastic crafts on the Hamble, or do you just avoid them automatically. Better off that way in the end, I suppose.

  2. Max is older than he looks!

  3. thanks - there are more than afew average white boats around, but I just feature the boats that I like - and Barry's right I am old!!!

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