Sunday 25 April 2010

Race Day

With the Frostbite Series just a dim and distant memory, plus the recent warm weather, local racers were out in force on Sunday morning.

The cliffs above Hill Head are a perfect vantage point to watch a Solent Sunday.

Right across the Solent to Cowes Roads the large boats were gathering pre race(pic above and below).

While off Hill Head the sailing club was taking advantage of the morning high water.

Out in Southampton water there was another fleet, the boats in the foreground look like SB3's while in the background another group are on the spinnaker run.

Mirrors off the entrance to Hill Head harbour entrance.

Heading out for a mixed start.

With the Lasers.

1 comment:

  1. If a mirror married an enterprise, would they have thistles?

    I love the colored sails. That just is not happening much in the US. It makes determining which kind of the boats you see sailing so much easier. It's kinda neat.


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